Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The murder : Part one of three little pigs

“Two greedy, aggressive, lazy pigs, just moved in next door, honey”, said my wife. “And, why do I care again?”, replied the wolf. “I would like for you to go and make some friends. You haven’t been out ever since we got married! Now, please get out of here!”, yelled his wife.

Moaning and groaning, he eventually got outside in the warm and weak sunlight. He stood and gazed at the two little pigs. “Hey!” he shouted, “I am Wolfy, but my name is actually Mr Sweetie. I was wondering if you guys, umm I mean pigs, would like to have dinner?”
Within and instant, they replied, “YES!!!, WE’LL BE THERE”. After receiving such good news, the three little pigs stormed through the doors and got ready for tonight feast. Finally...

...the bright bold moon rose from the East. Birds surrounded the edge of a cliff. Gray clouds gathered together, as the pouring rain stormed down onto Mr and Mrs Sweetie’s house.

‘Knock, Knock,’ tapped an anonymous, on the front door. In a deep voice they called, “Hello, is there anyone here?”. Quietly and quickly Mrs sweetie answered the door.

“AHHHHHHHHHHH!” she screamed. After 3 cold long hours, Mr sweetie dashed through the door. “Honey I'm home!” he yelled excitedly....but there was answer. Again he called but still no answer.

Searching for his wife, he found her in the attic. Her limbs were detached apart from her body. So far apart from her body that her guts splattered out of her lower stomach.

With the blood of his love in his hands, he was determined to find the murder who did that to his wife.

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  1. Oh my goodness. I certainly didn't expect that at the end of the story. Well done for keeping me engrossed in your story. Now I can't wait for part 2 to find out who did it. I have my suspicions though. :)
    (Some great vocab too!)
    Did you write this by yourself or with a buddy Laita? If it was with a buddy you might need to mention that before you start your story.
    But well done.
    Ms Squires


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