Friday, May 27, 2011

An Oil Rig

This picture shows that the oil rig has all its parts. The ship that I drew over there, men worked there.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Making a brigde out of straws

Building a bridge out of straws
Do you know how to build a bridge out of straws?Build a bridge out straw takes lots of team work.How do I know , is because I did it with my classroom. The meteral that we use, would be, tape and straws, and a little bit of ideas. Getting ready to build a bridge, we planed out our ideas for our project. Waiting for ideas to come to our heads, I came up with one. It was much of and Idea, but I was planning that as we build this bridge we could edit it. After all we don't even have to edit my plan. "Times up" yelled the teacher, bring you're bridge to the floor! We were first. I said to my self "it may got the looks but is it strong enough?" Will it fail or will it pass? We put 3 dusters on the bridge. I wondered if it would pass. It came to my supised, that it pass. It was a supised for all of us. See if you could do it. If we can then you can.

The Tornado at North Store

The tornado in AlbanyNorth shore
Yesterday afternoon, a powerful tornado touched down at Albany North Shore, Its timing was around 3pm, near a great big shopping mall. The tornado was so powerful ,that it ripped out roots for the trees, and though them down on the ground, which was leaving the ground with a big mess.

Cars were upside-down on the roads, roofs were torn a part. The tornado looks like a dark gray cloud twisting about in the air. The terable things that has happed like when the roots came out of the ground, I am sorry to hear that.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sentence Beginnings

Writing may look easy, but guess what its not.
Today room 13 used Toreka story to learn about different types of sentences beginning. Toreka is a year7 girl, she cames to my school. The name of her blog post was called "What An Ambush". Highlighting all the beginings and copying it to

Monday, May 2, 2011

Straw Towers

One rainy morning, our teacher Miss King gave us a challenge. Build the tallest, unsupported tower you can out of straws.

Room 13 had teams. There were six people in each group. I was in a group with Wakatere, Flora,Eric,Shinika, Francis. The materials that room13 had to use were straws and tape. Each group had to use 75 straws and had to share the tape with the group next to them. It was time to work hard and come up with great ideas for my team. So we sat on the floor and tried to come up with some of these ideas. 20 minutes went past and we still didn't have an idea, but then I thought of an idea that included shape, I thought that it will never work but I thought it out and we tried it. It turned out like a mini hotel but without furniture inside. The time was up we saw which tower was the biggest and strongest. Sadly, we came last place. Adlest we gave it a try It