Monday, September 23, 2013

Sisilia, Taylah and Laita D.L.O

Laita, Sisilia and Taylah's D.L.O from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Movie Reflection

In my group, there were three people. (Sisilia, Taylah, and Me). I think that we worked well together, as  a group. But just only on the planning week. We all worked hard and independently.

On the planning week we all tried our best to finish our planning. And soon in the end it was finished.  It was in great detail, enough to follow. But along the way we did try and change it just to improve our movie a little.

Our purpose was to show a person's perspective about the Vietnam war. I think if we had had a voice over then it could have improved our marks. We did write one but we just didn't record it. Overall I think how we showed our message was okay.

Our filming techniques were actually not that bad. Besides us moving the camera every single time. The weakness was mostly because we didn't use a tripod.
But on the other hand we did have go angels and shots.

The graphics which I drew, I think were great quality.
They were detailed enough and included detailed backgrounds.
I didn't  traced or even have an idea of tracing.
I just wanted to challenge myself.

Last but not least the sequencing or flow.
I think it flowed quite well...but it really needed the voice over. Without the voice over it just looks like a bunch of pictures thrown together. But the soundtrack was suitable.
It was sad and also at the same time it was explaining a story.

In end we all worked hard, and tried our best. But I do think we could have improved our techniques and skills to make an even more better film. Like putting in more acting, animations and improving showing our messages. But that’s next time...

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