Monday, December 16, 2013

My D.L.O about the Vietnam War

Taylah Sisilia Laita DLO from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Hey guys.

Check out this video Taylah, Sisilia, and I made. It took quite a while to make but we got there in the end. SO.. sit back, relax, and let the music and sound of history take you on a tour. Hope you enjoy =D..

Year reflection

Well, this year has had it's ups and downs, but overall, I think it has to be the greatest year so far, (2013). There's been some funny moments, and also some sad one's during this year. Not only it has had it's  moments, but, I also have improve my subjects.... like..

Maths-At the beginning of the year, I wasn't able to make it through to the end of gloss test. But now I can.
Reading- Well, I know I've improved, because I  I know words that I didn't know before. I have gone from an 11 year reading level to a 12 1/2  year reading level. And last but not least, Writing. Instead of starting off with boring beginnings. I sometimes mix it up a little.

So, not only I have had a great year of progress in my subjects, but, I have had a awesome year of fun. Fia Fia, The Social, 60th The Quest, and many more events that were great to attend and were fun and wicked. But...

The only let down was that, there was not man sport for year 7 girls. Most of the teams were combined with the Year 8's. But overall it has been so far a great year of success. And now I'm in my last week of school, so I think it's time to finish it off properly.      

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Paul Walker R.I.P

               The loving Paul William Walker was born on the year 1973, September 12. Sadly he pasted on, and left earth on the date, November 30th, 2013. He was a United States baby. As the eldest of five children, he took great care of his siblings. 

But, before his time had come to an end, he had succeeded on many levels. Such as, 9-nominations, (4 won), a loving father, and also a beloved boy friend. He has also donated at least thousands of dollars the World-wide Charity.
              It has been said that he was truly humble about his charity work. If you search Paul Walker Charity help, you will see this particular picture of him helping out an innocent young children. (By the way, there isn't another pic like this one because he kept his charity a secret. Honestly that shows how truly humble he was). Better yet, he was loved by his thousands of fans around the world. 

Netbook Reflection

So if there were a question the said ‘How has having a netbook connected to the Internet helped my learning this year by..’. Then I would answer in so many ways, sort of like this..

Using Netbook made my education more exciting and, to be honest, a little more fun. It has also changed my life completely. Before there were no Netbooks, I was bored and wanted more out of life. And now, I am charged and ready to learn with my Netbook, every single day. Not only I enjoy learning with it I learnt how to do stuff like..

Number 1. How to surf and use the Internet. .  Number 2. Knowing the difference between good and bad sites to learn from. And last but not least number 3. How to create and share documents, which my friends and I can use at the same time. Having a netbook book has pushed me more in my subjects. Reading, Writing, and maths as well. All my subjects have improved by a fair bit.

It even improved me being people smart. I can sit around my friends, and we can write on the same doc. Instead on writing by myself, and being antisocial. So, if I were to answer that question, short and simple then I would answer 'Yes'. Having a Netbook connected to the Internet has improved my learning. Socially and Mentally.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Action World..

Action World

     Anxiously falling asleep, my body trudged along the bus. Finding a seat  to sit on, my friend called out, “Laita, Come and sit over here!”. Completely tired, I sat somewhere else.
( Right in front of the teacher.) “Hhh,” I sighed, as I rested my head on the bus window.

           “O.M.G!!”, a random girl said, “Who thinks the Rock Climbing wall was the best?”. A number of hands showed, but not mine. I was just to tired to even move. “Laita?, Did you?”, she asked me. With only one answer, I said, “ No!”. “Well why no?”, she replied.

          “Well because,” I muttered, “It was to hard to conker”. “First of all..”, I carried on, “It’s tall, and boring, and once again it’s hard to conker!”. “So then what was the scariest event for you?”.  “Wait what do you mean?”, I asked. “I mean, overall what was the scariest, slash coolest activity?”, she accounted.

           “ Hmm.”, I wondered, as I took a moment to think. "Well..", I said, "..the scariest would have to be the ladder. Because at any time, the ladder could switch over and flip you off!". "True", she replied. "Okay then, what about the funniest?".

"He he!", I giggled. " It was jousting!". "Why is that?", she asked. "Because I was challenging a friend. And all I had to do was jump and hopefully she would loose her balance. He he, which she did.", I laughed.

So just talking to my 'Friend', made me realised that I had a good time. But in fact, it was such a good time that I just wanted to sleep. "Hhhh!" I yawned once again, as I exit the bus door. Leaving the bus and entering the school gates.

Monday, December 2, 2013

My Math Questions I've Created


This week for our Maths Task, we were  told to create maths 6 question. And so far this is what I have created. Hope you enjoy figuring them out.By the way answers will be released next week....

Made by Laita.  =D

Friday, November 22, 2013

My strategy Week 6 Term 4 part Three

3. Tiaki is fixing part of his fence. The pickets he needs are .68m long each. How many metres of timber does he need to cut up 45 pickets? answer: 30.6m
0.68 x 20 = 13.6
0.68 x 20 = 13.6
0.68 x  5  = 3.4
Add altogether equals 30.6

If the timber comes in 5m lengths only what is the minimum amount of lengths he needs to have enough for 45 pickets? answer:225
45 x 5 =225.

40 x 5 = 200
5 x 5 = 25

200 + 25 = 225

The timber is $3.55/m. How much will he have spent? answer: $106.50.
30 x 3.55 = 106.5
30 x 3 = 90   
30 x 0.55 = 16.5

My strategy Week 6 Term 4 part Two

2. Sione uploaded a presentation to his blog but it was too big. In the HTML code he saw that the size was 920  pixels wide by  648 pixels high. He thinks if he reduces it to ¾ of the size it is, it should fit. What dimensions does he need to change in the HTML code?

230 pixels wide
920 divided by 4 =
(92 divided by 4 = 4 x 20 = 80,) 
( 4 x 3 = 12 4 x 20 + 4 x 3 = 92)
4 x 200 = 800
4 x 30 = 120
4 x 200 + 4 x 30 = 920
230 x 4 = 920

162 pixels high
648 divided by 4 =
(64 divided by 4 = 4 x 10 = 40,) 

(4 x 6 = 24, 4 x 10 + 4 x 6 = 64)
4 x 100 = 400
4 x 60 = 240
4 x 100 + 4 x 60 = 640
4 x 2 = 8
640 + 8 = 648
162 x 4 = 648

My strategy Week 6 Term 4 part four

4.  Julia is an artist. She has been painting a huge mural for the town centre. For the main colour she used a 20 litre pail of white mixed with a 10 litre pail of blue. Unfortunately she ran out of paint before she finished the mural. She thinks that she will only need 6 more litres in total to finish.

How much blue and white paint does she need to mix up to get the 6 litres of paint she needs that is exactly the same colour she has been using? answer: 4 litres of pail white, 2 litres of pail blue. (4:2)

20:10 is the ratios so far but to get to 6 litres I
dived each side by 10. So the ratios will be 2:1.

Then I times each side by 2. So the ratios will be 
4 : 2. Which is also equal to 6 litres.


My strategy Week 6 Term 4 part one

1. The world record for throwing a cellphone in 2012 was 102.68 metres. James attempted to beat the record but only managed to throw 97.89m. How much was he short by? answer:4.79
97.89 + 4.79 = 102.68
97.89 + 2.11 = 100
100   +  2.68 = 102.68

Monday, November 18, 2013

My Math Strategy 2

Number 9.

There is a bottle of juice on the table that holds 3.5litres. Ana pours out a cup of juice that is .895ml.

  How much juice is left? 2.605

My strategy would be to use Addition and Subtraction. Like this...

I would add 0.105 to the 0.895. Which would equal 1. L. Then take away 1 from the 3.5. Which equals 2.5. Since I add 0.105 to the 0.895, then I will have to add to the 2.5.

So the answer would be, 2.605.

My Math Strategy

Number 11.

Tiana saved the same amount each week after 16 weeks she had saved $96. How much money had she saved after 6 weeks? 36

My strategy would be to half 96, equals 48. And then dived $48.00 by 4. Which equals 12. Finally subtracted...

48 - 12= 36 Which is the answer. 36                           

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My future 5 Jobs

If I had a opportunity to choose any five jobs in the world, I would take it of cause.
And If they gave me a choice I would choose to be...

A Traveller, a five star quality Chief, THE  manager of Holden and Ford company's all over the world, OR THE  manager of all the airports in American, and last but not least, an Artist. If I became a traveller...

I would finish college and straight away go to America and learn all about the ancient history, and myths of Egypt. Then I would buy my ticket and fly to there, and see for my self...ARE THEY REALLY TRUE. BUT IF I WERE... THE actually manager of Holden and Ford company's all over the world. Then that would paint a different picture. Well, sort of.

 I would still finish college and fly to America, BUT, I would study physics, carefully. Then I would move to business managing, and try and get the managing jobs around the world. I would do the exact same thing with owning the Airports in America. And last but not least, an Artist.

I would flick, paint, and splatter paint every where. Just like Jackson Pollock. Or I could go and create my own art, and have it sold for a couple of thousands. Who knows I could become unforgettable. And those are my future dream jobs.

Monday, October 21, 2013

The future of The Muppets and Sesame Street characters

Quite a few puppets from...
The Muppet Show and Sesame Street, have been donated to the Museum of American History in Washington.

One of the puppets that have been donated, was Miss Piggy’s beloved love. And we all know who that is, our loving Kermit the frog. Now who joins him is Miss Piggy herself.
Miss Piggy will be on site in an exhibition, which will start in March, next year. 

Cookie Monster, Bert, Ernie, Elmo and Fozzie Bear has also joined the memory of the two puppets. It was decided during a special ceremony this week.
Other puppet's and Sesame Street characters will be part of a puppetry display that opens in November.

Originally written by
Rewritten by ME!!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

A message to listen to...

               Haiti is a country in need of help. 

They are surrounded with rubble, and poverty as I speak...

But luckily for them an amazing group of talented artist have decided to remake a video that has been broadcast 25 years ago. And they have a lovely plan.
If you want to know what it is, then quickly watch this video; honestly you could save a life instantly.....

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Four shoot movie


A girl keeps on shooting a basketball but she misses. Then she bounces the ball soft and the goes high and you can see the wigs and it gets in. girl is left all surprised.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Sisilia, Taylah and Laita D.L.O

Laita, Sisilia and Taylah's D.L.O from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Movie Reflection

In my group, there were three people. (Sisilia, Taylah, and Me). I think that we worked well together, as  a group. But just only on the planning week. We all worked hard and independently.

On the planning week we all tried our best to finish our planning. And soon in the end it was finished.  It was in great detail, enough to follow. But along the way we did try and change it just to improve our movie a little.

Our purpose was to show a person's perspective about the Vietnam war. I think if we had had a voice over then it could have improved our marks. We did write one but we just didn't record it. Overall I think how we showed our message was okay.

Our filming techniques were actually not that bad. Besides us moving the camera every single time. The weakness was mostly because we didn't use a tripod.
But on the other hand we did have go angels and shots.

The graphics which I drew, I think were great quality.
They were detailed enough and included detailed backgrounds.
I didn't  traced or even have an idea of tracing.
I just wanted to challenge myself.

Last but not least the sequencing or flow.
I think it flowed quite well...but it really needed the voice over. Without the voice over it just looks like a bunch of pictures thrown together. But the soundtrack was suitable.
It was sad and also at the same time it was explaining a story.

In end we all worked hard, and tried our best. But I do think we could have improved our techniques and skills to make an even more better film. Like putting in more acting, animations and improving showing our messages. But that’s next time...

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Best Friends Movie. Asena, Tui, Jasmine, Ashlee! from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

I thought it was really clear and amazing...

Two best  friends, are still friends after 6 years and a few months. I also liked the fact that they used different shots and kept it flowing.
Although there were no acting, I reckon that the cheerful smiles did enough.

But it would have been great to see graphics and pictures. I think it would have stood out more, and would have been even more enjoyable to watch. But...

At the end of the movie I think they would have work well and hard together. Which is great.. :D

Monday, August 19, 2013

Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King...

My Rap about Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King

Nelson Mandela  and Martin Luther King
Are two important people, according to history.
 Fighting, and willing to make a change,
They stood in the world that we're  in today.
But through the progress of fighting for civil rights,
Martin Luther King was the one that had to die.
But before his time had come to an end,
He was stabbed on the back, while sighing with a pen.
Many other attacks were on their way,
But Martin Luther King didn't know until that day.
When he passed away. Nelson Mandela was a successful guy,
But it's still amazing that he's still alive.
95 years old of age,
He was born peaceful but full of rage.


Our  story about Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King...

Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela are two very important people. They have both made establishing history, and fairness in the world between the White and Dark people. But through the progress of fighting for civil rights, they have both suffered painful violence. Especially Martin Luther King he had suffered death.

But before his time had ended, he succeeded on bringing recital equality. But in order to do that there had to be a lot of protesting. Which not a lot of people did n't liked. Meaning there were a lot attack during his time.

His House was blown up into pieces  along with his church. Many others attacks, such as getting stabbed on the back (while signing a book), were soon on their way.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Me, Hope, And Taylahs movie.

Laita and Hope and Taylah movie from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Hi I'm back from the  holidays,

and already on the first week of school I have a movie,
nice and ready for your glamorous eyes to see. So,
sit back, relax and enjoy what me and my friends have
prepared for you.

  Creative Commons Licence

different shooting angles by Laita, Hope, Taylah is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.