Friday, June 22, 2012

Creating a piece of art...

“Im cold!” complained my class... as blistery strough winds blow against us while we approached Youth town. Shivering in the cold, one by one we all strode though the main entrance. “Amazing!” we all yelled... gazing at the artwork that has been layed befour us.

Cheerfully walking to the workshop, we all saw a big block of eky sticky clay lining up befour us...but we all just thought what was it for? Then we got our was true that we were going to make muddy sticky clay.

Sticky, squishy clay was given to us to use. Creating a chaotic mess I realized it was time to put in some I quickly maneuvered  through the sharp, and shiny glass and made my piece of artwork into a multi coloured butterfly.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Jackson Pollock

Jackson pollock was a very famous american painter. He also was a new yorker who loved art. It was obvious that his passion was to flick,  splatter, and create a chaotic mess on his sheet of paper. Not only it was a chaotic mess but it was an undefinable pecaie of art.

Like Jackson pollock my teacher wanted my class and I to copy his dign. So we ran outside like a bush of animals, wild, young and free.
Splattering the watery eky paint, I used my imagination to peak through the picture I had just created.

An old sweaking tree perparing for its worestest nightmare was just what I was imaging.

Robert Delaunay

Robert Delaunay was a french painter along with his wife Sonia. Together they created a contrasting piece of artwork... using Geometric shapes and vibrant colours. Not only was he a french painter but he was a writer and also a  great poet.

Using bright vibrant colour, he brought his artwork to life. He often used Geometric shapes to represent an object or a person in his artwork.

In the painting of the ‘Tall Portuguese Women’ you can see a large leafed plant on the left hand side of the paper. You can see that each leaf is a different colour creating a contrast.

This is my first attempt at creating a piece of art in the style of Robert Delaunay.

Ali Teo

I have been learning about the illustrator Ali Teo and her fun playful style of art.
These are the kinds of animals she draws.