Thursday, July 3, 2014

A message from a wise and beautiful woman

Today is the day my class and I, had our very first future Aspiration talk, about our jobs in the future. I think I have a fair idea of where I’ll be. Hopefully, in the next 10 or even 20 years, I’ll be a famous architecture, or better yet, a family lawyer with my sister. Still.  No one knows about what the future will hold.  So, I guess I have to a least try and achieve the necessary.

Just in case you are confused about what is need to be done. Here is just a few words of what a wise and beautiful lady said to me. “Laita, if you want a job, then make it something that is worth living for. Be happy, and not just share the love with your family, but with everyone around you.”

I guess that’s why I want to become 
an architect, no only because of my own satisfactory, but because I’m going to be changing lives. And also making dreams. Or when I become a lawyer, I will be a helping hand to my client. But..

Has anyone ever heard of the saying living to work? Has anyone ever done that saying. Well, if your are then stop, because I personally think that is how most of human race, is dieing at such a young age. Due to stressful nights of thinking about how are they going to be feeding our children, or how are you going to pay for rent, etc, etc.

We should be able to turn that saying around. So, instead of living to work,  make it,  you are working to live. Everyone has their loved ones to look after, and if you make a couple of good choices, then we should be able to enjoy life. That people is what needs to be done. Be happy with my job and enjoy my life while living.


  1. I enjoyed reading your post Laita, well done. Choose a job you enjoy and make life enjoyable and fun.

  2. Hey Laita!

    What an awesome story written. I love how the beautiful person said that to you. I also like how it sounds like your talking to us, but your actually writing. Keep up the AMAZING work.

    Love Hannah >.<


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