Monday, May 2, 2011

Straw Towers

One rainy morning, our teacher Miss King gave us a challenge. Build the tallest, unsupported tower you can out of straws.

Room 13 had teams. There were six people in each group. I was in a group with Wakatere, Flora,Eric,Shinika, Francis. The materials that room13 had to use were straws and tape. Each group had to use 75 straws and had to share the tape with the group next to them. It was time to work hard and come up with great ideas for my team. So we sat on the floor and tried to come up with some of these ideas. 20 minutes went past and we still didn't have an idea, but then I thought of an idea that included shape, I thought that it will never work but I thought it out and we tried it. It turned out like a mini hotel but without furniture inside. The time was up we saw which tower was the biggest and strongest. Sadly, we came last place. Adlest we gave it a try It

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  1. Laita, I loved the way that you worked so hard this morning, supporting your group and including everyone through the process.
    Thank you for your kindness and friendship, I think with more time, your group may have done a bit better.


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