Monday, June 3, 2013


Having Diabetes can cause your body to have several complications such as...

               Heart failure, Strokes, Sleeping problems, Bad circulations of blood around the body and worst Death. Most of these complications are caused by sugar or alcohol because the pancreas doesn't work.

               Your pancreas is a large gland near your stomach. One of its most function is to produce more insulin. Insulin is like a key to your body cells. It opens the door so the glucose can be absorbed. Glucose fills your body cells with a lot of energy. But...

...what most people don't know is that. There are two types of diabetes....

Type one:

  ..develops very quickly usually in young people. The condition of diabetes can not be avoided, and the pancreas makes little or no insulin. Patients need insulin injections and a very careful diet.

Type two:
            ...develops slower over the years and the pancreas makes less insulin than is needed. This condition of diabetes can be avoided if you follow a healthy style of life. It can also be treated with Medication, a controlled diet or exercise.

            BUT, what most people don't know is that 40% of our New Zealand multicultural have diabetes. Most of New Zealand can lead into the pathway of Sleeping problems maybe even worst. SO... my advice is to exercise and keep to a healthy life style before you get diabetes.

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