Monday, May 23, 2011

Making a brigde out of straws

Building a bridge out of straws
Do you know how to build a bridge out of straws?Build a bridge out straw takes lots of team work.How do I know , is because I did it with my classroom. The meteral that we use, would be, tape and straws, and a little bit of ideas. Getting ready to build a bridge, we planed out our ideas for our project. Waiting for ideas to come to our heads, I came up with one. It was much of and Idea, but I was planning that as we build this bridge we could edit it. After all we don't even have to edit my plan. "Times up" yelled the teacher, bring you're bridge to the floor! We were first. I said to my self "it may got the looks but is it strong enough?" Will it fail or will it pass? We put 3 dusters on the bridge. I wondered if it would pass. It came to my supised, that it pass. It was a supised for all of us. See if you could do it. If we can then you can.

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