Monday, July 8, 2013

Little Red in Ridding Hood

She is Red riding hood
She is Kind
She is Spoilt
She helps her Mum
She is  Cheeky
She is a carrying child
She is Naughty
She is clever/Brainy
She is Mean
She was friendly
She is Selfish
She was a generous
She was Lazy
She always clean’s around the house.
She always get what she wants.
She doesn’t mind what she has to do!

Here is what I wrote with Mele, and Tauwhare


  Once upon a time, in a bright, friendly modest house....there lived a little girl named, LITTLE RED. Quite often she wouldn’t listen to her parents. Several times, they try to get her to do the littlest thing. So, they’d always had  to bribe her with treats, in order to make her do something. But.... day her mother asked her to go out  and visit her grandmother. SHE lived a few blocks away in another  suburb called Riding Hood . Riding Hood was on the other side of the pine plantation and the quickest way was right through the pines.

          After moaning and groaning, Little Red took a little cheesecake from her mother and set off through the plantation. As she got closer and closer to her grandmother house, red came across something weird.

        A wolf appeared in the pines. Red panic having never to see a wolf before, wandering through the pines.  Red thought to herself thinking that the wolf might of escaped from the zoo.  She grabbed her phone out of her pocket and dialed the zoo number.

        She waited for someone to pick up,but nobody did. As fast as she could, she ran to the zoo. But as she was halfway there she remembered about her grandma. She ran quickly through the pines. “No,NO,NO.....I can’t die today!”

  She rushed back, straight through the pines, hoping to get there unharmed. Finally, she arrived at

‘KNOCK, KNOCK’, tapped Little Red on the door,’Grandma, are you home.?’ Searching for the shadow of Grandma, Red came across something strange, weird in fact. A note on the fridge. ‘Hello, dear can you leave the cheesecake in the fridge, please dear.....Thank you’

Red, gazed at the note and suddenly said, “Thanks for nothing..”. She turned around to someones hairy feet.

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