Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Through the open door part one

Through the open door, Jane could see a wonderful view. Little pitches of a weak sunlight, shined through the morning sky. Grey clouds were miles away from the site she set her eyes on. 

Gazing at the beautiful dawn sky ahead of her, she realised there was nothing more prettier. Mean while...

Her step mother, Asena, was sleeping in the next room. Now. Jane, was told to get her a glass of water....but she got so hang up on view ahead of her that she didn’t do as she was told. 


There was several thumps heading Jane’s way. 'Slam', shut the door. “HAY, WHY DID YOU DO THAT FOR?!”, she screamed. Asena replied, “Well, why didn’t you get me a water?”. 

Jane's face suddenly changed, from angry into sorry. Asena just kept on staring at her and asking, ‘Why? Why didn’t you?’. But Jane just kept quite. Finally, when all the arguing was over Jane walked towards the door. 

She put her hands, on the cold rusty door nob hoping the view, would still be there. Gently and slowly, she turned the door nob. “What?!...”, she yelled, “...where is it?! Where is the wonderful view?!”. 

Rubbish piled together, as rubble surrounded the shattered rubbish. Big chunks of grey clouds suddenly rolled in. Rain stormed down onto the house, causing the cows on the farm to scatter around. 

Thanks to Miss  Daisy Vaafusuaga  for editing my work.

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