Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I’d never thought that this day would come, I would always watch my mum play but now its my tern. You may be confused or might not even know what I’m talking about, so I’m going to tell what is it. Existing news that t have which I'm going to play is called.....Badminton!

Badminton is a very poplar game in my school since I have started playing it. There were some things that we did’t know about, like.............. a shuttle. For those of you that don’t know what it is I’m going to explain. It is like a ball but its got feathers.

Hoping that we would have a little fun, be had to learn a hole lot of stuff before we had any fun. The are rules to Badminton, like................ you have to pivot in order to get the shuttle and nip it but with a powerful one.

We had a challenge to see who can stay in the game for the longest. Here is my little story.

Swinging a miss, like a bird the shuttle soared into the air leaving the oppressions side and heading for its target. A rally for the points I quickly move my feet and whacked it as hard as I could and left with a proud exit.

Now I know how my mum feels when shes playing this game and, why its so poplar in my school. The question that stands is will I make a good champion

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Haka

Down the field laid a challenge for the All Blacks. Strong and powerful threatening warriors got ready to do the haka. Soon you will know why they are threatening. Preparing to battle a intimidating sign called the throat slitting scared the opposition men. With throat slitting actions going on, the All Blacks were able to get a good amount of tries.

Down the field a cunning plan was placed in the hands of the opposition. The great idea was to tackle Ma'a Nonu. Slipping out of the tackle, a bullet pass was thrown to Nonu and he scored a diving try while waving his hands in triumph. Celebrations were brought to town after the game was won!

How it all started.

Believe it or not that there is town that is called Rugby. A game was played at a boarding school that is in the area. There was no fixed limit for the number of players who could play football but the rules were different from what we have now. For instance players were not allowed to run with the ball. Instead they were permitted to handle the ball while standing still and throw the ball. Hundreds of players would take part in a sort of enormous rolling maul which would tumble towards the opposition’s goal. Major injures were brought to bodies.

Then one day in 1823 a teenager named William Webb Ellis broke the rules and ran with the ball. Since then Rugby was invented. Innovations were made over the years and in 1845 the rules for rugby were written.


Kia ora,
Welcome to the island called Aotearoa! You may not think that we’re special so, I’m going to tell you Two main reasons why. We live on our own, with no one to talk to as our country is geographically isolated. We have a multicultural population. We have made a very treasured history filled with kiwiana.
Do you actually know what a tiki is? I’m guessing not. The term tiki refers to a carved human figure and is part of Maori and other pacific cultures. Its a Mystery finding out about the name of the myth of Tiki. On the other side, in many parts of pacific islands, for example in Niue, the Tiki myth is unknown and human figures were not carved but 

they still had a tiki.

One of the things that is also unique is called Buzzy Bee. It is a famous icon to New Zealand. A toy and crafts man, created the colorful wood toy sometime in the late 1930’s. New Zealanders love Buzzy Bee. It is seen internationally on stamps and magazine covers. As you can see Buzzy Bee is a treasure to lots of people in New Zealand. As you will see, these kiwiana icons that New Zealand has developed themselves, demonstrates our uniqueness in the world. So I guess that New Zealand is really a very special little country after all.

Friday, August 5, 2011

A Legend

Jonah Lomu, was known as a big global super star in rugby. All Black Lomu, was thought of as the world’s greatest player. With his dream coming true he was able to play 63 games for the All Blacks. A number of players would try to knock him off his feet, but they couldn't. Their faces had a intimidating look saying please don’t heart me.

5 years later Lomu was diagnosed with serious kidney problems. Have you ever heard of dialysis? You may know that is what he had. Every 3 days we would have to got to a machine which cleans his blood. Lucky for him, a voice from the radio save his life by giving Jonah one of his kidneys. 3 years after.........

Jonah Lomu went looking to make a comeback in his chosen career. He played in Hong Kong and Wales. Finally in 2007 that he retired.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Beep test

Push your self to the limit and see how far you get. This is what me, and my class was put through. We were straining and pushing our body through the hard work as we ran backwards and forwards