Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Best Friends Movie. Asena, Tui, Jasmine, Ashlee! from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

I thought it was really clear and amazing...

Two best  friends, are still friends after 6 years and a few months. I also liked the fact that they used different shots and kept it flowing.
Although there were no acting, I reckon that the cheerful smiles did enough.

But it would have been great to see graphics and pictures. I think it would have stood out more, and would have been even more enjoyable to watch. But...

At the end of the movie I think they would have work well and hard together. Which is great.. :D

Monday, August 19, 2013

Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King...

My Rap about Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King

Nelson Mandela  and Martin Luther King
Are two important people, according to history.
 Fighting, and willing to make a change,
They stood in the world that we're  in today.
But through the progress of fighting for civil rights,
Martin Luther King was the one that had to die.
But before his time had come to an end,
He was stabbed on the back, while sighing with a pen.
Many other attacks were on their way,
But Martin Luther King didn't know until that day.
When he passed away. Nelson Mandela was a successful guy,
But it's still amazing that he's still alive.
95 years old of age,
He was born peaceful but full of rage.


Our  story about Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King...

Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela are two very important people. They have both made establishing history, and fairness in the world between the White and Dark people. But through the progress of fighting for civil rights, they have both suffered painful violence. Especially Martin Luther King he had suffered death.

But before his time had ended, he succeeded on bringing recital equality. But in order to do that there had to be a lot of protesting. Which not a lot of people did n't liked. Meaning there were a lot attack during his time.

His House was blown up into pieces  along with his church. Many others attacks, such as getting stabbed on the back (while signing a book), were soon on their way.