Sunday, November 20, 2011

family reunion

I did really know my hole family that much, until, the family reunion.

That first moment I walked right though that door, i felt sceared because most people that were I never seen befour that they saw me! Like my cousin beauty. I never know she had existed.

All the work been done when I was little. If you don't know what I mean then it time to tell you!!! When I was little, my nena use to take me to my mum side of the family, and tell them all about me.

It was like talking to strangers at first but, when I got to know them better that feeling went away!! It was nice to know that have a very big family!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


At the corner of my eye, I spied a lamb eating grass. Quietly approaching the lamb, I noticed a pile of poop. Was it poop or was it some ones ice-cream? I grabbed a stick and poked it to see.
“E w!!” I yelled. It was real sheep poop after all!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Making what?!

“ Miss king what is this on the table?” asked my class, begging to know what we are doing. “Once you lot are all quiet, maybe I’ll tell you?” said my teacher. Excited silent children sat on the mat. Rumors were spread all over the classroom that we were going to make Ice-cream Comets.

“Is this a treat or is it some to do with the topic for this term?” I said in my mind. I asked my teacher if it is true, she said “Yes”

Meanwhile my class waited outside while starring at the Ice-cream. “I wonder which team is going first?” said my teacher, while having a quick discussion. We were all in teams. My team went last.

As Miss King scooped the ice-cream and put it into my hands, it dripped though my hands like sand. Waiting for a cone, I saw that the spinkles the I was looking forward to was finished. It was my tern to get a cone so I grabbed a cone and put in my ice-cream.

Carefully manoeuvring though the bay, I took a look at it close. The delicious tasty comet looked realistic. Even if I didn’t get sprinkles on mine.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I never thought this day would come.I had to take boring class lessons for 5 years. But now, I finally get to go.

I broke down into sweat while preparing for launch, even though I was so excited before. “ignition” called from the control tower. Thinking that it would be smooth ride, the rocket rocked side to side. Half way though the night sky, the space ship detached from the boosters and leaded into orbit.

Danger and adventure was by us, as we set to explore the truth. Quickly maneuvering pass the
sun we got a tan.

I need to rmember this next time!

“Wake up and get ready for school, please.” said my mum, quietly drinking her coffee. I thought about what was she talking about, then finally I remembered It was the first day of school.

I arrived at school with a brainless mind and said to myself “ What on earth is going on?" Seeing my teacher in a tutu was odd but what I soon realised I had forgotten about Immersion assembly.

Unlike other assemblies this one was different! How, you say? Easy 3 main reasons, first is the title “Immersion assembly”, second reason is the topic “Out of space” and lastly the other reason is there is always an interesting performance!

So I lined up at the door thinking it might be boring, but I was wrong! It actually was not that bad. Because when I walked though that door, I was amazed of what the teachers had come up with!

Parsing up at the selling, I sat quietly on the verge with excitement because, Mr.Barks was in his mask was unrecognisable which made me laugh. Mr Sommerville was dressed as a Ballerina that made him look funny. Once again I have to say, that it was amazing to see the teachers all dressed up for assembly!!

My favorite performance was the rap that was performed by team 2 planet rap! Cool isn’t it! They made a song about the planets.

Maybe its not so bad forgetting after all? You need surprises in life other wise, your life would be plain boring! That's a lesson!