Monday, June 3, 2013

The person is

Okay, I am back and ready to write about my next blog post. SO, do you have any idea who this special person might be? Do you? Do you? Well if you really don't know than here is the answer...


Yes, it is. He made a kind donation to my school, better known as Pt.england school. (P.E.S) Well not really it was actually to the Trust we all call Manaiakalani. It's a Trust supported by Telecom, helping us develop 1-1 netbook schools. Yeah, I's cool.

Now, 10 schools, have a equivalent share of $100,000. TO support the children dreams...

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  1. Hi Laita I really like how you approached this more creatively as a Guess Who. I hope you don't mind I fixed up 1 -2 points for you. Great work though.


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