Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Game On!

Instead of the late morning sleep in’s, we were up early and perky, in the school hall. Ready to learn and everything. Why?, because. Today is the day my class and I, are back for our first day. Of coarse, we had to have an Immersion Assembly. In case you hadn’t notice, but, my school has a Immersion Assembly each term, to kick off with the new, and exciting themes.

This term off coarse we had to learn all about fitness, seeing as my schools theme for this term is, ‘Game on’. I guess it’s based off the event the queen is holding, (The Glasgow Commonwealth Games). It’s for thee fifty-four countries who recognized the queen, like New Zealand, The Bahamas, and Canada, are able to compete in this years event.

So, having that in mind, it kind of looks like Team 5 and I are doing a lot of running this term. Just like the other day. All year 7 & 8 students had to run towards the end of thee Pt England Reserve, and run right back to the entrance of our school grounds. Just thinking about it makes me puffed out, like I was that day.

Which makes me think, Is this term going to be fun at all? I mean, don’t get me wrong I love what are topic is, it’s just. Running, sprinting, and jogging for fitness, yeah totally not my thing. Only time you see me running, is when I play sports. I can’t just run for no reason, it has to be fun, and enjoyable. But. Who knows, I might just enjoy this term.

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