Wednesday, September 3, 2014


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Colors are special. Due to their colorful, warm
and vibrant appearances, colors are that typical
something our following beings can’t live without.
All around the world, you will see that colors and
a lot more useful. Weather it be for Clothes,
Buildings, Cars, people even have colors
in their own hair. So, speaking of colors ...

You will notice that blue, red, and yellow, are recognized as the
primary colors. Just to answer your question,
they are a group of colors, which can be obtained by mixing. Which brings us to secondary colors, green, orange, and purple. The aftermath of mixing at least two primary colors together.

Tertiary colors are what most of the human race are most fond of using. A tertiary color or Quaternary color,  is a color made by mixing either one primary color with one or two secondary colors together. Red, violet, blue, green, yellow, and orange, are the names of thee tertiary colors.

Talented artist, use these colors to perform a landscape or portrait framed, piece of art.
Most of the time, these pieces of art are most likely an expression of the artist, shown on a white canvas. Where as some times, the white canvas shows flickers of paint, or maybe even splashes of paint. Like the great artist, Jackson Pollock.

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