Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The murder : Part one of three little pigs

“Two greedy, aggressive, lazy pigs, just moved in next door, honey”, said my wife. “And, why do I care again?”, replied the wolf. “I would like for you to go and make some friends. You haven’t been out ever since we got married! Now, please get out of here!”, yelled his wife.

Moaning and groaning, he eventually got outside in the warm and weak sunlight. He stood and gazed at the two little pigs. “Hey!” he shouted, “I am Wolfy, but my name is actually Mr Sweetie. I was wondering if you guys, umm I mean pigs, would like to have dinner?”
Within and instant, they replied, “YES!!!, WE’LL BE THERE”. After receiving such good news, the three little pigs stormed through the doors and got ready for tonight feast. Finally...

...the bright bold moon rose from the East. Birds surrounded the edge of a cliff. Gray clouds gathered together, as the pouring rain stormed down onto Mr and Mrs Sweetie’s house.

‘Knock, Knock,’ tapped an anonymous, on the front door. In a deep voice they called, “Hello, is there anyone here?”. Quietly and quickly Mrs sweetie answered the door.

“AHHHHHHHHHHH!” she screamed. After 3 cold long hours, Mr sweetie dashed through the door. “Honey I'm home!” he yelled excitedly....but there was answer. Again he called but still no answer.

Searching for his wife, he found her in the attic. Her limbs were detached apart from her body. So far apart from her body that her guts splattered out of her lower stomach.

With the blood of his love in his hands, he was determined to find the murder who did that to his wife.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Through the open door part one

Through the open door, Jane could see a wonderful view. Little pitches of a weak sunlight, shined through the morning sky. Grey clouds were miles away from the site she set her eyes on. 

Gazing at the beautiful dawn sky ahead of her, she realised there was nothing more prettier. Mean while...

Her step mother, Asena, was sleeping in the next room. Now. Jane, was told to get her a glass of water....but she got so hang up on view ahead of her that she didn’t do as she was told. 


There was several thumps heading Jane’s way. 'Slam', shut the door. “HAY, WHY DID YOU DO THAT FOR?!”, she screamed. Asena replied, “Well, why didn’t you get me a water?”. 

Jane's face suddenly changed, from angry into sorry. Asena just kept on staring at her and asking, ‘Why? Why didn’t you?’. But Jane just kept quite. Finally, when all the arguing was over Jane walked towards the door. 

She put her hands, on the cold rusty door nob hoping the view, would still be there. Gently and slowly, she turned the door nob. “What?!...”, she yelled, “...where is it?! Where is the wonderful view?!”. 

Rubbish piled together, as rubble surrounded the shattered rubbish. Big chunks of grey clouds suddenly rolled in. Rain stormed down onto the house, causing the cows on the farm to scatter around. 

Thanks to Miss  Daisy Vaafusuaga  for editing my work.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


    My winter boots started to drowned in shallow water, as walk along the farmers long greens grass. Suddenly. Big chuncks of gray cloud rolled in. Like little hard spikes, rain stormed down onto me, hitting the back of leg.

        Dashing  through the chilly cold weather, I crashed into one of the trees. “Ouch”, I yelled, “...these tress are in the way!”. , the great amount of rain, stopped. “Really...”,  I screamed out load, “...once I’m wet, and sore it stops!”.

Monday, June 3, 2013

The person is

Okay, I am back and ready to write about my next blog post. SO, do you have any idea who this special person might be? Do you? Do you? Well if you really don't know than here is the answer...


Yes, it is. He made a kind donation to my school, better known as Pt.england school. (P.E.S) Well not really it was actually to the Trust we all call Manaiakalani. It's a Trust supported by Telecom, helping us develop 1-1 netbook schools. Yeah, I's cool.

Now, 10 schools, have a equivalent share of $100,000. TO support the children dreams...

Who is this person?

Can you guess who this person is?...

Him and his siblings, were born and raised in East Los Angles. He also grow up without the love and care of his father...but with the help of his wise choices of friends, he was able to became the person we see today.

           He also had a dream, it was really simple. He wanted to look after his mother. So, with the help of the music he creates, and the warm, and healthy heart he has. He was able to make his dream became a reality.

Would you like a few more clues? Well I guess you have no choice to answer, so here is a few more clues...

          He owns a company called I.AM ANGLE. It support young children, like me, to go further in life. By the way he gave our school...well, not only our school, but 10 other schools, $100,000 to share among each other. Like I said it’s to support our dreams....

Okay, okay, okay, I think you heard enough now. So who do think it is??? Find out on my next blog post...
until then goodbye. =D


Having Diabetes can cause your body to have several complications such as...

               Heart failure, Strokes, Sleeping problems, Bad circulations of blood around the body and worst Death. Most of these complications are caused by sugar or alcohol because the pancreas doesn't work.

               Your pancreas is a large gland near your stomach. One of its most function is to produce more insulin. Insulin is like a key to your body cells. It opens the door so the glucose can be absorbed. Glucose fills your body cells with a lot of energy. But...

...what most people don't know is that. There are two types of diabetes....

Type one:

  ..develops very quickly usually in young people. The condition of diabetes can not be avoided, and the pancreas makes little or no insulin. Patients need insulin injections and a very careful diet.

Type two:
            ...develops slower over the years and the pancreas makes less insulin than is needed. This condition of diabetes can be avoided if you follow a healthy style of life. It can also be treated with Medication, a controlled diet or exercise.

            BUT, what most people don't know is that 40% of our New Zealand multicultural have diabetes. Most of New Zealand can lead into the pathway of Sleeping problems maybe even worst. SO... my advice is to exercise and keep to a healthy life style before you get diabetes.