Thursday, November 13, 2014


         Seriously. When people say camping, I think of, cranky mid-aged people waking up in the early hours, with a sprained back from a uncomfortable mattress that they slept on. But clearly that wasn't up to scratch. I never did expect to see, better yet, ride a flying fox at my year 8 camp. Also having cabins to sleep in, instead of tents, wasn't exactly ideal, although, I am very grateful for the decision.

         Without any of your help in camp, team 5 year 8’s, wouldn't have had their fun in that week.

So, on behalf of the year 8 students, I would like to say thank you Mrs Nua for giving us time, to talk with our friends, to grow close with each other, and gain back our childhood characters we once were, before we slightly grew up and became the young teenagers we are now. It was nice to chill, relax, and have a week of fun, before our time at Ptengland is up for us.         

So once again I’d like to say thank you Mrs Nua, we will try and strive for success and make our Ptengland family proud. Yours sincerely, ..
Team 5 year 8’s

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