Thursday, March 22, 2012

Roller blading

It was the first day of camp and we had just finished watching a movie! With all that yelling coming from the other classes, I suddenly got tried. So I leaped up and crashed into my tent wishing for a good night sleep.

Sleeping on the lumpy uneven grass, I saw a great big shadow rise from the dark and hit our tent saying go to sleep!!!! I let scary thoughts take over my mind so I could drift off to sleep.

I rose like the sun the next morning, waiting for our next activity. Roller blading was our first stop. The crowd went wild once they heard the news!

I wasn't quite as excited about going roller balding because to be quite honest....... I did’t know how to stand up straight.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


At last, freedom has come. I am now going to camp! No more dishes to wash and no more annoying brothers. Just nothing but me and my friends at camp.

I had already accomplished three of my tasks and it was quite tiring. I crawled into my tent trying to relax. Laying down in the warm sun I remembered my favourite part of the day.

It was going to top town, and most of all winning the game!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

I'm so excited

There are two more days until camp! I’m going to enjoy my time at camp as much as I can. Why? you may say, because I have freedom!!! Nobody to tell me what to do, and most of all no annoying brothers!!!

BUT... the negaive point about camp is HAVE TO perform in front of the rest of the campers. I get nervous every single time. Espeacilly when the audience looks at you!!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The hall with directions

The hot sun shined on my beautiful school, as I wondered what would be the first thing we were going to do today. One second later, an instruction was given to me and my class. The instruction was...for my class to shut our netbooks and go down to the school hall.

Just as I walked in..... an obstacle course was set up. I asked myself and wondered “Why couldn’t it be in the field? After all it is sunny.” Then I got my answer, we were going to write about it for our test.

Just as I thought it was going to be easy, well I thought wrong!! It was harder than it looked. The pressure was on me and me partner Mele, because we were the first ones to go.

I didn’t know which one was harder being blindfolded or giving instructions for my partner to manoeuvre through the tricky parts? Once again a tough dision was about to be made. Mele, said to me “I’ll go first, then you okay?”

Unable to get across to the other side, she would have to trust me with my directions. So she did. We made it to the other side with out making mistakes.

I thought we were finished...BUT.... once again I was wrong!! It was my turn to be blindfolded. Once I put the cover on my eyes it felt weird because it was only sound I could hear but no sight. Once I jumped off the stage, it felt like jumping off a mountain but blindfolded. Can you imagine that?

Just as I had got the felling like I was going to die, I took off my blindfold and then felt alive!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A day at the ptengland beach

 The scorching sun shined down on us, as we approached the beach. We all sat down on the cold went grass to have morning tea. One moment later, we all scatered like a bunch of marballs that has just been dropped all over the pt england reserve field.

Kids played games and other kids were down at the beach making mudy sculptures. I was one of those kids making sculptures and it was fun!

Just as the day had been full of laughter! our time was up. As I dragged my feet out of the muddy wet sand, I suddenly thought of what was the best part of the day. I had just remembered that the best part of the day was.....watching the rest of my school doing karaoke!!! It was really funny!!