Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My future 5 Jobs

If I had a opportunity to choose any five jobs in the world, I would take it of cause.
And If they gave me a choice I would choose to be...

A Traveller, a five star quality Chief, THE  manager of Holden and Ford company's all over the world, OR THE  manager of all the airports in American, and last but not least, an Artist. If I became a traveller...

I would finish college and straight away go to America and learn all about the ancient history, and myths of Egypt. Then I would buy my ticket and fly to there, and see for my self...ARE THEY REALLY TRUE. BUT IF I WERE... THE actually manager of Holden and Ford company's all over the world. Then that would paint a different picture. Well, sort of.

 I would still finish college and fly to America, BUT, I would study physics, carefully. Then I would move to business managing, and try and get the managing jobs around the world. I would do the exact same thing with owning the Airports in America. And last but not least, an Artist.

I would flick, paint, and splatter paint every where. Just like Jackson Pollock. Or I could go and create my own art, and have it sold for a couple of thousands. Who knows I could become unforgettable. And those are my future dream jobs.

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  1. Awesome Dreams Laita! None of them are impossible. Let me know what America is like and don't forget to let me know once you have created your first work of art! :D

    -Joshua I


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