Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Action World..

Action World

     Anxiously falling asleep, my body trudged along the bus. Finding a seat  to sit on, my friend called out, “Laita, Come and sit over here!”. Completely tired, I sat somewhere else.
( Right in front of the teacher.) “Hhh,” I sighed, as I rested my head on the bus window.

           “O.M.G!!”, a random girl said, “Who thinks the Rock Climbing wall was the best?”. A number of hands showed, but not mine. I was just to tired to even move. “Laita?, Did you?”, she asked me. With only one answer, I said, “ No!”. “Well why no?”, she replied.

          “Well because,” I muttered, “It was to hard to conker”. “First of all..”, I carried on, “It’s tall, and boring, and once again it’s hard to conker!”. “So then what was the scariest event for you?”.  “Wait what do you mean?”, I asked. “I mean, overall what was the scariest, slash coolest activity?”, she accounted.

           “ Hmm.”, I wondered, as I took a moment to think. "Well..", I said, "..the scariest would have to be the ladder. Because at any time, the ladder could switch over and flip you off!". "True", she replied. "Okay then, what about the funniest?".

"He he!", I giggled. " It was jousting!". "Why is that?", she asked. "Because I was challenging a friend. And all I had to do was jump and hopefully she would loose her balance. He he, which she did.", I laughed.

So just talking to my 'Friend', made me realised that I had a good time. But in fact, it was such a good time that I just wanted to sleep. "Hhhh!" I yawned once again, as I exit the bus door. Leaving the bus and entering the school gates.

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