Thursday, December 12, 2013

Paul Walker R.I.P

               The loving Paul William Walker was born on the year 1973, September 12. Sadly he pasted on, and left earth on the date, November 30th, 2013. He was a United States baby. As the eldest of five children, he took great care of his siblings. 

But, before his time had come to an end, he had succeeded on many levels. Such as, 9-nominations, (4 won), a loving father, and also a beloved boy friend. He has also donated at least thousands of dollars the World-wide Charity.
              It has been said that he was truly humble about his charity work. If you search Paul Walker Charity help, you will see this particular picture of him helping out an innocent young children. (By the way, there isn't another pic like this one because he kept his charity a secret. Honestly that shows how truly humble he was). Better yet, he was loved by his thousands of fans around the world. 

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