Thursday, December 12, 2013

Netbook Reflection

So if there were a question the said ‘How has having a netbook connected to the Internet helped my learning this year by..’. Then I would answer in so many ways, sort of like this..

Using Netbook made my education more exciting and, to be honest, a little more fun. It has also changed my life completely. Before there were no Netbooks, I was bored and wanted more out of life. And now, I am charged and ready to learn with my Netbook, every single day. Not only I enjoy learning with it I learnt how to do stuff like..

Number 1. How to surf and use the Internet. .  Number 2. Knowing the difference between good and bad sites to learn from. And last but not least number 3. How to create and share documents, which my friends and I can use at the same time. Having a netbook book has pushed me more in my subjects. Reading, Writing, and maths as well. All my subjects have improved by a fair bit.

It even improved me being people smart. I can sit around my friends, and we can write on the same doc. Instead on writing by myself, and being antisocial. So, if I were to answer that question, short and simple then I would answer 'Yes'. Having a Netbook connected to the Internet has improved my learning. Socially and Mentally.

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