Thursday, March 22, 2012

Roller blading

It was the first day of camp and we had just finished watching a movie! With all that yelling coming from the other classes, I suddenly got tried. So I leaped up and crashed into my tent wishing for a good night sleep.

Sleeping on the lumpy uneven grass, I saw a great big shadow rise from the dark and hit our tent saying go to sleep!!!! I let scary thoughts take over my mind so I could drift off to sleep.

I rose like the sun the next morning, waiting for our next activity. Roller blading was our first stop. The crowd went wild once they heard the news!

I wasn't quite as excited about going roller balding because to be quite honest....... I did’t know how to stand up straight.


  1. Wow laita
    great story you have written keep up the good work and remember to not use capital all times

  2. Well done Laita.
    I am pleased to see that your paragraphs are about one main idea and they flow together nicely. You have used a good mix of sentence types to make your writing more interesting and the way you described tenting was great. It made me remember how uncomfortable it was to sleep on that hard lumpy ground.

    Did you enjoy the movie?


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