Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The hall with directions

The hot sun shined on my beautiful school, as I wondered what would be the first thing we were going to do today. One second later, an instruction was given to me and my class. The instruction was...for my class to shut our netbooks and go down to the school hall.

Just as I walked in..... an obstacle course was set up. I asked myself and wondered “Why couldn’t it be in the field? After all it is sunny.” Then I got my answer, we were going to write about it for our test.

Just as I thought it was going to be easy, well I thought wrong!! It was harder than it looked. The pressure was on me and me partner Mele, because we were the first ones to go.

I didn’t know which one was harder being blindfolded or giving instructions for my partner to manoeuvre through the tricky parts? Once again a tough dision was about to be made. Mele, said to me “I’ll go first, then you okay?”

Unable to get across to the other side, she would have to trust me with my directions. So she did. We made it to the other side with out making mistakes.

I thought we were finished...BUT.... once again I was wrong!! It was my turn to be blindfolded. Once I put the cover on my eyes it felt weird because it was only sound I could hear but no sight. Once I jumped off the stage, it felt like jumping off a mountain but blindfolded. Can you imagine that?

Just as I had got the felling like I was going to die, I took off my blindfold and then felt alive!!


  1. Wow Laita
    Did you have fun? Keep it up and I can't wait till your great next blog post.

  2. Although I didn't feel as if I was going to die, I agree that the course was very difficult to complete blindfolded.

    I thought that you really explained how you were felling during the experience Laita, but I thought you could have described the course and how it felt while doing it in more detail. More explanation like the bit where you wrote about jumping off the stage.

    Also remember to check your sentence beginnings when editing.

    Good job Laita. I always enjoy reading your writing.


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