Wednesday, March 14, 2012


At last, freedom has come. I am now going to camp! No more dishes to wash and no more annoying brothers. Just nothing but me and my friends at camp.

I had already accomplished three of my tasks and it was quite tiring. I crawled into my tent trying to relax. Laying down in the warm sun I remembered my favourite part of the day.

It was going to top town, and most of all winning the game!!

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  1. That was a great hook you crafted to start this post Laita - well done! I saw lots of kids' blogs had been updated this afternoon, and your one caught my eye because of your first sentence, so I had to click on it and have a read. I do hope you enjoy your break from your brother :)

    I do love the background you have created for your blog. It is most creative.

    Mrs Burt


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