Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How to find legal pictures

“Who knows how to take a legal picture?” asked my teacher. One moment later I was already bored, because I knew how to, BUT do you know? If you don’t, then I can show YOU how to.

The first step though is to look on the right hand coner of your laptop screen and click on the url box, and type in Like this!

Step two. Once all that nonesice is done, then you can type in your topic. My one is going to be dogs. If you don’t know where to go after that then click on Images which is in the middle left hand side.

The third step. Click on the the little cogwheel and then you will soon see a selection of links. The one you click on is Advanced search, which is down at the bottom.

Step four. Once a page shows up like this, then you scoll down until the oppotion below shows. See how it says “All images, regardless of license labeling” right. then you click the one below it. Then click Advanced search which will be down at the bottom.

The finall step. You can see that the page has been changed right. Click on the picture that is your favourite. Take a screen shot which is control 4. Once that’s done then you can save it to your desktop.

That’s the right way to get pictures from the internet!!!

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  1. Well done Laita. Very clear instructions. Why dont you get a buddy to double check your post next time to just make sure all of your spelling is correct. Oh, and which picture did you choose in the end?


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