Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Wondering what we were going to write about today, I quietly said to my teacher “What are we writing about today?” While begging in my head that he would say nothing. A kiwi fruit suddenly flew across the room. A voice said to me “here you go Laita.”

What I soon realised was that, a great big furry kiwi fruit was in my hand. One of the reasons why I hated it being in my hand, was because it's itchy coating tickled me.

A mushy and soft kiwifruit was no longer a kiwifruit. 'Slice' went Mr Marks knife, cutting though the fruit. “Mmmmmmm” I said while taking a great big bite. Begging for some more he said “No”.


  1. Hi laita,
    Love your picure of the kiwifruit. You have added a lot of detail to your picture and your story.
    Hope you have a great year ahead of you.

    Keep it up

  2. Hello Laita,
    I love your lovely picture it was awesome.When your blog came up I realised you know what you were going to write about. I love how you use interesting words. Keep the hard work up and keep on following your dreams. Next time when you blog a another post try not to use beginning to much.

    From Quasia in Room 14


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