Thursday, October 20, 2011

Whats wrong?

Tales were told to me from my auntie, and uncles, that years ago was a game called Poleconomy? A combination of Politics and economy leaded up to one thing.....they must of already bought it? Who knows!

Normally the weather would be nice and warm, and sunny bright colours would shine though the class window, but it was nothing like that. Blustery winds blow against my house, while puddles surrounded the drive way. While sitting in a chair in my kitchen, I just thought of the great idea. I was thinking about playing a board game like monopoly or checkers, but I never thought that we would have game called poleconomy.

A opportunity was made, and I was the one who was responsible. With confusion stuck in my head, I said to my auntie,“ Which way should I go? ” Making a quick decision, I moved my kiwi to its space, and said with regret “I should have gone over there!”

After the long and painful night, I drifted off to sleep. I may not be great at making the right move but hey at least I gave it a go! Even though I felt a different feeling inside of me.

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  1. Hi Laita,
    AWESOME STORY!!! How did you think of all of those interesting words?! Do you think you can teach me? My favourite part in your story was when you said Blustery winds blew against my house, while puddles surrounded the drive way. Keep it up!!

    P.S Thank you


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