Thursday, October 6, 2011

De Bono's Hats

Its one more day till the school holidays. It may sound exciting but it not for me. While sitting in my chair at class, I thought about the pass like what I've could have done in better or what were the good things.
One good the was having fun!The enjoyable game the I played was.......Netball! because I have a lot of fun and it makes good things happen!
I remember having that feeling being excited, why? I tell you why! Every single term has been a amazing cool term!!!!!! But what I didn't enjoy was.........Rugby!! Because we only got to play one game!!!!!!!!!!!
What I found was interesting was........... Aussie Rules! why? Because I never know about it!!
What I could have worked on was my math! how? easy! study at home! That sound a lot just like the De Bono's hats!

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