Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I need to rmember this next time!

“Wake up and get ready for school, please.” said my mum, quietly drinking her coffee. I thought about what was she talking about, then finally I remembered It was the first day of school.

I arrived at school with a brainless mind and said to myself “ What on earth is going on?" Seeing my teacher in a tutu was odd but what I soon realised I had forgotten about Immersion assembly.

Unlike other assemblies this one was different! How, you say? Easy 3 main reasons, first is the title “Immersion assembly”, second reason is the topic “Out of space” and lastly the other reason is there is always an interesting performance!

So I lined up at the door thinking it might be boring, but I was wrong! It actually was not that bad. Because when I walked though that door, I was amazed of what the teachers had come up with!

Parsing up at the selling, I sat quietly on the verge with excitement because, Mr.Barks was in his mask was unrecognisable which made me laugh. Mr Sommerville was dressed as a Ballerina that made him look funny. Once again I have to say, that it was amazing to see the teachers all dressed up for assembly!!

My favorite performance was the rap that was performed by team 2 planet rap! Cool isn’t it! They made a song about the planets.

Maybe its not so bad forgetting after all? You need surprises in life other wise, your life would be plain boring! That's a lesson!

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