Thursday, September 22, 2011


Near the cold blustery field, waited skills ready to be known. Finally after our class break, the tricks ever know except Australia, was brought to New Zealand for kids to know. What it is called again ..........Aussie rules!Outside near the netball courts, Blustery winds blew towards my class. Trying to remember what were the skills I have learnt, Megan our coach reminded me about the skills. How to bounce an Aussie rules ball and learning how to throw the ball. My favorite part is when me and my partner played Jumper Bumper. Base ball is known as the properest game in the world. To celebrate, we played a game of kicking a ball its like base ball but you kick the ball instead. My heart started to pound as I walked towards the kicking start. With the instructions stuck in my head I know just what to do, so I kicked the ball and the distance of the ball was good. Running as fast as I could and scored my team a number of points and left with a proud exit.Bursting with heat I fell to the ground and said with happiness “The exhausting activity is finally over!”

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  1. hey Laita
    i really like your recount about playing Aussie rules you must be a professional of it

    keep up with your Aussie skills and your work!.


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