Monday, September 26, 2011


An agreement was made between my class and my teacher. The deal was if we succeed on our writing then we could eat Alfajorcitos! After a long time after being bribed by my teacher, we set off to our desk and started working hard.

After a long half an hour of a successful writing, it was time to eat the delicious Alfajorcitos!
First thing first, we had to listen about the treats that we were about to eat! What I heard is that the Alfajors are made in Argentina, and most of all they are a dessert that many would like to live on!

Finally it was time to eat the delicious postre! Gazing at the treats in front of me, I quickly grabbed the knife and smeared the Dulce De Leche all over my biscuit. The Alfajors melted in my mouth, as I begged for another one.

What I know now is that, Alfajors are very additive. Maybe that’s why people can live on them because they are so YUM!!!!

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  1. Hi Laita, I am Miss Helen´s argentinean sister, and i agree with you that alfajorcitos are additive!! Since i was 13 until i was 30 i ate at least on alfajor every day!! I love them with chocolate arround the biscuit... yummmmm
    Now i cant eat one everyday, but i eat several each month!! It´s great that you liked them!!


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