Monday, September 12, 2011

Achieving my goal goal

People believe in GOD but do they believe that they can achieve their goal. If you’re clueless about what I'm going to say, just listen.

Cross country is the last thing that a kid would ever want to do! How I would I know? Easy I had cross country not so long ago.  I remember having that dreadful feeling that I was going to come last. 

With a tremendous race awaiting us on the trails around Pt England Reserve, I trembled with fear as I walked towards the starting point.  My heart started to pound, as the instructor said with excitement,"Go!"

Twisting and turning though the race, a burst of heat  went right though  me. Realising that the  expectation that I had set for my self was coming true, I felt confident in myself.

Running though the trail I could hear a noise,"It’s almost finished, come on you can do it" shouted a stranger. Next thing I knew it he was actually right. Pushing my self to the limit, I stumbled over the finish line. With happiness on my face, I said  to my self "its finally over!!!!!!"


  1. Hi Laita,
    Wow! That was a great story! I don't really like Cross Country too. It was so LONG! But don't think this is the end, remember we have to do one next year! Anyway great story.

  2. Hi Laita,

    Nice running I see there. You have got a really good picture of you running. You really get into your running. Anyways. Love your story about Cross Country, because you have got punchuwaysion. You have got alot of detail. I like how you use interesting words. It's really good.

    From Your BFF Mary


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