Monday, May 12, 2014

Key Competencies For This Term

As you can tell, by what the title says, I'm going to be reflecting of my first term at school, and comparing that to what I have set forward for myself this second term. And also by reflecting I mean Key Competencies. So, I think I should probably start with self management.

Self management has never been easy, of course, but I guess it was because of the people I was peered with. Like sometimes, I would work while my team would play around, but hopefully it won’t be like that this term. That’s just group wise, but by myself I would say I'm okay. Not entirely perfect, but average, it’s probably something I should work on.

Relating to others. I am a people person, so, it’s easy to be myself and also be respectful to my peers. I treat each and every single one of my team mates with kindness and care. So I don’t think I would have a problem with that.

Thinking, as in problem solving. How I address problems, I always try and look at it critically. Weather it’s maths, writing, or even questions for reading, but mostly maths. Of course writing and reading are great, but maths has always pushed me to do better, and think harder. Meaning I go threw all sorts of zones and moods when it comes to my favourite subject, but surely I would have to work on the other two subjects and also have the same motivation, like the ones I have for maths.

Contributing and participating. All in all, I think I contribute and participate quiet equally, and I also share my ideas, with my peers. I wouldn't sit out of the group, and be lazy, not unless I feel unwelcome by them. Having that in mind, I think that it is because I don't open up o new people. So, I guess that is what I'll Have to work on. Besides that, I have to say I do a good job.

If you can highlight, and see what I have to work on then please list down below or write a comment if you may...

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