Monday, May 12, 2014

Anzac day

Outside where the little poppy's flourish, were the Australia and New Zealand fighting soldiers. Exactly two weeks, and four days ago. The people of the long white cloud, spent one day to pay their respects and grateful thoughts, to the men and woman who fought for their country. Every single once in a while, on all sorts of special days, we rise together as family. But on that particular day, we all call it Anzac day, (April the 25th).

It's admirable and respectful fact that, many of the men and woman had lived to see their grandchildren rise, from birth to at least 18 years old. Others had fallen form being shot violently, and had landed on a poppy. I salute thee for being brave enough and taking the pain away from many who could have suffered, and in hopeful thought may they see the light of gods kingdom, to be freed from all the pain. Amen

Meaning that I am grateful for what they have done for me, and my future. They have blessed so many lives, so, I guess that's why our soldiers get one day to be admired. God bless, and rest their beautiful fighting souls.

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