Sunday, March 24, 2013

An old Vatican house

'Zoom' went Ben as he raced his little brother Tom, to the other side of the neighbour hood. "Haha, I'm beating you, Tom, and I'm only jogging" said Ben, as laughter filled his stomach. They both ran over hedges and under twigs to reach the other side of the neighbour hood. "Hehe, I am still winning", Ben happily said. "Wait, wait...t!" yelled Tom, "I need, need a break!". Slowly and carefully they stopped by an old and banded house to rest and capture their breathe.

Spider webs surrounded the front door, while the uninhabited house made loud noises. "You got your breathe back?" asked Ben. In a quite voice Tom replied "Yes, now can we go? This place is kind of scaring me". Ben bent down and said back, "No questions there." Together they leaped up and walk away from the scary feelings that they suddenly got. 'Bang' went something behind them. Ben thought to him self, it's better to just keep on walking, but it wasn't. The sound of speaking and loud noises just got louder and louder.

It was like some strange person wanted them to go in. Toms advice was not to go in but do you think he would really listen? NO HE DIDN'T. In stead of listening to Tom, Ben turned around and ran inside and yelled, "Hello, Hello, listen is there anyone out there?".

All Tom could see was an old tall Vatican house. Ben tried once more, to see who was that strange person, scattering around. He Rotated around the house several times, But that got him nowhere.

"Forget it Lets just go" said Ben, as he jumped over the wooden deck. "Wait, did you check the shed?" asked Tom. "And, what do you think is in there?", replied Ben, as a clueless face suddenly appeared. “I don’t know just go have a look, anything is possible!” said Tom.

Just as Tom said anything was possible, Ben capture a rusty old key from the conner of his eye. “Hey wait, what’s that?” asked Ben, as they went closer and closer towards the shed. “It’s a key, hmm...” said Tom.

“What’s it for?”, asked Ben, as he bent over to see where the latch was. “I think it’s for the shed?” answered Tom. “ Probably, come on, give it a try.” said Ben, in a nice quite voice. Slowly and carefully, the cold and rusty key entered to latch, opening the door.

"Wow, look at this.." said Ben, as he lifted $100 bills in the air. "Yes, we are rich" they both yelled out!!!

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