Sunday, March 24, 2013

A narrative I just created

I bent down and watched the giant waves crash up against the rocky rocks. Gazing at the waves, I noticed the powerful, and strong winds had arrived, making the birds soar across the sky.

The blistery cold winds blew towards me, making me stick to the sand. “Brra” I said to myself, as my limbs started to shiver. I sat on the sandy beach, and rapped my self in my jumper, and stared at the one rock that was beside me and that was lonely.

I think it was then I suddenly felt a drip of water tip onto me. Without a clue, I slowly and carefully looked up. Before I could even scream, a great huge wave wash me up into the bay of water.
Minutes went by without a gasp of fresh and clean air.

Luckily my brother saw the whole thing, and already he started to dive in for me. Rushing towards me like a great big shark under water, he pulled me out, with his man hands, and tried to wake me up. Several times he tried. But I just didn't seem to wake up.

His slaps were harder than I thought. I know I could feel them but I just couldn't wake up. I didn't know what was wrong with me. Nether did the doctors so they put me in a coma. For 8 weeks I didn't wake up, until I felt a huge hand on my face. Meaning I got the biggest slap to wake up.

It's not the politest way to wake up but I am still alive an't I.

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  1. Hi Laita,

    I loved your narrative it was so creative. The starting of your writing just pulled me in. There is just one thing you need to check, its your punctuation. Other than that the rest is really amazing. Keep posting.

    By Brooklyn


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