Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mornings with my unusually brother

It was a race, between my brother and I, to see who was the fastest. I tried my best running through thick air...but the big and bright sphere in the blue sky was distracting me by its vibrant colours . I couldn't bear it. So I ran off track, and into the cool and chilly  shade, leaving my brother to run by himself.

Thinking that I was by his side, he thought  that it would be a good idea to sprint his hardest.  "Ha, ha, ha, I'm, I'm, I'm finally beating you" he yelled out loud, repeatedly. Finally when he reached the end of the track, he sighed.

I think it was then, that he finally realized that I wasn't there. "Oh is someone a chicken?" he asked, as he rose his hands from his side and started to act the way he was naturally. I replied, "Mocking me, won't make a difference, it's hot and I'm staying in the shade.

"I know, it just makes ME  feel better, you know." he said.

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