Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I am...


  1. Hi Laita,

    That was a cool poem man my favourite bit was when you said you were an artist.Keep it up! (I mean your art (: )

    From Giselle

  2. Hey Laita.

    That was a really great poem you wrote about yourself.! I love the way you used different kind of vocabulary's. That was a two thumbs up poem or maybe four thumbs up.! ;)

    Sincerely From Asena!!!

  3. Hi Laita,

    It's me Charlee Webb I was in your class last year and I love you short slideshow and I agree with everything on there because that is all you and that is all you need is to be you not anyone else but you Laita,you are very good at rugby and yes I think you will turn out to be a successful rugby player and I can't wait to see more storties about you,

    So the meaning of that comment is I love it and just be YOU.


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