Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The soccer bully

Gazing at our property being taken over...our coach screamed at the top of his lungs “Get him!!”. Everybody who even dare to touch him had,been defeated...but then it was my turn. Slowly and carefully, the charging bull ran towards me.

Skidding around like a bunch of marbles all over the field, I ran in fear.
“Help, help!” I cried out, trying to reach for the nearest exit...but then I’s just a game,there is no exit.

Victory or defeat I thought to he ran closer and closer,
‘’How great would  it really be to taste a rich solid victory?”
was the question that laid in my head...but to me,defeat was never an option.

Shaking off all the negative feelings I overcame my fears and ran towards the soccer bully. “Come here and get me!” I yelled out with aconfidence. Tumbling through roaring audience out he came.

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