Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mother natures bush walk

Outside where the lonely white tracks awaited us in the dissents, laid mother nature bush walk. Suddenly an announcement was made.“ All of the 9 year old to 11 year old line up for cross country!” yelled out Mr.Burt with an outstanding voice. 

Rushing to the junior courts we sat down in our lines and waited with anticipation outside on the thinking about whats going to happen next. “On your marks, get set, go!” yelled out Mr.Burt as the 9 year old boys ran off into the dissents, young, and brave.Then it was our turn.

Butterflies thew around in my stomach, as I walked closer, and closer to the start line. 'On your marks get set GO!' Off I went running as fast as I could. Puddles surrounded the path way as I ran through the congested cheering crowed.

Halfway through mother natures bush walk I could paste started to slowing down. So I ran through smelly and muddy creeks along with hot sweaty boys running next to me...yucky.

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