Friday, August 5, 2011

A Legend

Jonah Lomu, was known as a big global super star in rugby. All Black Lomu, was thought of as the world’s greatest player. With his dream coming true he was able to play 63 games for the All Blacks. A number of players would try to knock him off his feet, but they couldn't. Their faces had a intimidating look saying please don’t heart me.

5 years later Lomu was diagnosed with serious kidney problems. Have you ever heard of dialysis? You may know that is what he had. Every 3 days we would have to got to a machine which cleans his blood. Lucky for him, a voice from the radio save his life by giving Jonah one of his kidneys. 3 years after.........

Jonah Lomu went looking to make a comeback in his chosen career. He played in Hong Kong and Wales. Finally in 2007 that he retired.

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