Monday, August 29, 2011


Kia ora,
Welcome to the island called Aotearoa! You may not think that we’re special so, I’m going to tell you Two main reasons why. We live on our own, with no one to talk to as our country is geographically isolated. We have a multicultural population. We have made a very treasured history filled with kiwiana.
Do you actually know what a tiki is? I’m guessing not. The term tiki refers to a carved human figure and is part of Maori and other pacific cultures. Its a Mystery finding out about the name of the myth of Tiki. On the other side, in many parts of pacific islands, for example in Niue, the Tiki myth is unknown and human figures were not carved but 

they still had a tiki.

One of the things that is also unique is called Buzzy Bee. It is a famous icon to New Zealand. A toy and crafts man, created the colorful wood toy sometime in the late 1930’s. New Zealanders love Buzzy Bee. It is seen internationally on stamps and magazine covers. As you can see Buzzy Bee is a treasure to lots of people in New Zealand. As you will see, these kiwiana icons that New Zealand has developed themselves, demonstrates our uniqueness in the world. So I guess that New Zealand is really a very special little country after all.

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