Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rube Goldberg

Marble track

Man that was awesome!Well we built a contraption.It was like the coolest day ever.It starts off like this.First we thought we could have the coolest invention in the class and then it came out ugly at the end.So then we tweaked and fixed our problems.We completed our marble track and then it still didn’t work.Awhhhhh Man!Any ways we still never gave up,we just perserved until the end.Well it still didn’t work because someone had to go and wonder off to see what the others were doing which was Sosaia.We could of had a hand you know.I know we could of did it with some more team work and cooperation,but there was only one thing to do we could of made it better and faster.So when we finished which plan to do we just kept on arguing.Well Levi brang some pins.ahhhhhhhhh!pins!See.look at it this way.I don’t like pins because i might stab myself,but I just carefuly hold it gently.the pins were actully for popping the balloons I mean water balloons.Ok time for packing up.Miss king said.Awhhhhhhh!We didn’t finish exept we were only almost finised.

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