Saturday, July 9, 2011

Do you know how your older family members lived?

Do you know how your older family members lived? Arrive to a Museum called "Motat" (Museum Of Transport And Technological) you'll see how your an-sisters lived back in their days.

If your wondering how do I know about it?, I will tell you why.
My schools topic for this term is bigger, better, faster, stronger. Looking at the invention that made life easier (at Motat), would be a good idea.

Spending the first hour at Motat, we received a active in the dark. My teacher the came along suggested that we can save it for last. I fingered that while what are we doing first then?

oh great!! the first active that has been made for us was all about how thing were invented, was made by existent or was it made on perpis?

fun actives that we could do was hands on deck.

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