Monday, March 24, 2014

My Class Assignment

The assignment that my teacher, Ms Paget, had set for us, was to create a mixed-media collage only using these tools. Pastel, crayon, felts, pictures from magazines, and most of all, it had to have a designed frame -(Landscape) . But through using those materials, it had to show what you thought the word empathy meant.

Placing the tools on her table, we were on our way to creativity. First of all, we researched for our pictures, the afternoon before. Leaving us to be well prepared for when this moment came.

At first, I thought to myself it would be hard. Considering the fact that I don’t have a great understanding of what the word meant. That was until the deadline had come, and I found myself with a finished, and completed, design.

That design that I drew had pictures, drawings, and many more other stuff on it as well. But. I think out all the pictures on there, there was just the one, in fact, the only,  that stood out the most. It was the pair of shoes. Of cause there was a meaning behind each of every single photo. Still I think the pair of shoes had truly shown the meaning of empathy.

It represented, putting yourself in another persons shoes. Not literally. Meaning, don’t actually put yourself in some one else's shoes and run away. Having and showing empathy is connecting,  and felling what the other person must be going threw. In other words, putting yourself in their situation will bring you closer to the person. You can feel what they’re feeling, and most of all you can help them. Empathy is also not fell sorry for them, the would be sympathy.

So...I guess in the end, I did have a understanding. I know for sure that it’s not quite the best way to put the meaning of the word empathy, but, it’s all I had in mind when I made my poster.

(Sorry my pictures that I glued on, they sort of al fell off. Hope you enjoy it otherwise?)

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