Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The school triathlon

Triathlon was a great  experience for my friends and classmates, but not for me. The slippery slide was ready,  the bikes were lined up and ready, and the track was set up. Who could ask for more? I know I wasn't, but it's just that, my experience wasn't that great. I remember.. 

 My heart pounding as I ran around the flags. “Come on you can do it, Laita!” cheered the boys on the side line. Slower and slower, I started to run, and faster and faster my classmate Makarita ran closer to me.

“Sharks” I yelled, as I panicked  ‘Come on, Come on, Come on, I can do it’ I repeated in my head hoping I would reach the finish line, in first place. Makarita run towards me like nothing, and was finally behind me. I took bigger steps, to try and be in the lead, but that didn't work.

Our classmates on the sideline cheered, “Go Rita!”. That made me even more nervous. Dashing among the finished line, I waved my hands in triumph. Waiting for the results from the guy that kept our places,  he said “ Well done, you came first twice”.

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