Sunday, December 2, 2012


         Each year a group of kids get their freedom. It’s mainly though Camp. Yes, camp. This year I get part of freedom...And just fro the recond, it’s quite enjoyable. NO annoying  brothers, or sisters in you way to have fun. BUt let me tell you a story about swimming.  

              Looking at the wet and suggy swimming togs, made it look cold and wet...and even just looking at it, made me shiver. “3 minutes!” called out, Mrs Garden. Bending over of the side of my bed, I soon relisied that it was, do or watch. So I rushed out side and started swimming in my togs.

              Gracefully swimming on the deep blue sea,  a great big wave rushed into my mouth. “Yucky.” I yelled out, as I swallowed a huge amount of sea water. “Where did that come from?” I asked myself.  ‘Yay, whoo, hoo!’ yelled, the annoying boys from camp. It was quite clear now, where the big waves were coming from.

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